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COVID Can’t Keep Athletes Down

Coronavirus Encouragement

Take It From a Senior: 20/20 Advice

School Year Update

Circo Story: Graduation

50 Ways to Leave Your Boredom

The Pursuit of: Self-Love

Summer Not So 20/20 

Senior Farewells: Shedding Light on Graduation

The Show Must Go On

Debunk: Islam

Senior Sendoff

Timeline and Trends of The 2019-2020 School Year

Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down


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New Mascot Reveals New School Direction

“Virtually” First Cap and Gown Graduating Class

“Chemistry” Sparks Mr. Roach’s Engagement

Future of CHS Goes Virtual: Google Classroom High School 

Sounds Like Treble; Football Cut!

TikTok Annihilation on CHS Campus

Is Online School the Answer?

Christian High No Longer Assigning Weekend Homework

CHS Enacts New Regulations Onto Campus


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