Cafe/ School Changes


  This year, there have been a series of changes on campus. The cafe is now open to both juniors and seniors at lunch everyday.  Many seniors are outraged at administration for allowing juniors to eat in the cafe, a privilege that only seniors received last year. Even some teachers disagree with the idea of juniors eating in the cafe.  Lady Breeden retorted, “It does make the atmosphere less collegiate and more of a ‘high school cafeteria’ environment.  So, to appease the masses in the senior class, we need to brainstorm a senior privilege to replace the once senior only privilege in years past.”  Juniors, however, are excited to be able to join the seniors in the cafe, away from the underclassmen.


The sock rule has also been repealed, allowing students to wear fun socks every day of the week. Over the past few weeks, many creative new socks have shown up on campus, like kittens and superheros complete with capes.  Now, nobody can get dress coded for their fun expressions of freedom!


Lunch duty is now mandatory for junior and senior advisories.  Instead of having students serve lunch duty as a punishment, it will be used as a lesson to teach responsibility, maturity, and leadership. However, many students view this new rule as a punishment, restricting their already limited free time on campus.


Seniors are able to paint their entire parking spot this year, instead of only a small rectangle at the top.  On August 27, over twenty seniors spent the day painting their spots. After many hours, gallons of paint, sweat, and tears, the senior lot looks better than it has in years. Many seniors were excited to paint their spots, but underestimated the amount of paint necessary, forcing them to go and buy more paint during their painting session. However, the senior lot is super bright and colorful and is #lit.


Additionally, the bomb rule in the handbook has been changed. If you or a friend bring a bomb to school, you will now be expelled, instead of merely suspended!

By Carolyn Deal

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