New Faces on Campus


There are many new faces around campus this year. New students have come from schools around San Diego, both public and private, and even across the world. CHS offers great opportunities and a unique experience for new students.However, the big question is, what is their perception of CHS?

There are several new students this year in all grades 9-12. Some are already familiar because they are on sports teams, which provides a great way to get to know new students due to frequent practices during the week. New student Sophia Hughes plays volleyball for Christian High and is also planning on being apart of the basketball team in the winter. Clubs are also a great way to get involved and meet people who have similar interests, and this year CHS has a record number of clubs to join, from Culinary Club to Cross Cultural Club.

Many of the new students are not used to the amount of students that attend CHS. New junior, Julia Cartwright, who used to attend Granite Hills High School, says “Christian is smaller than the schools I am used to, but I enjoy the closeness of the school.” Lexie Olver, a familiar face for some students, used to attend Christian High but moved to Indonesia to be a missionary. Lexie is back for the semester and says that her school in Indonesia is significantly smaller than CHS. Lexie says that she enjoys how the students interact with one another, but does not enjoy the homework load. However, she is extremely excited for this school year!

Many new students come to Christian High for a new experience or because it is a private school. Christian High has a reputation for a great education and always putting God first. Also, many of the students here had parents who attended CHS during their high school years. Lexie Oliver says that she came to Christian High because she knew students who attended the school and her mom even attended CHS when she was in high school. All three of these girls are excited for the school year and the experience of making new friends this year.

By: Hannah Keltner

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