SDSU Night

On Saturday September 10, the Patriot Marching Band and Color Guard joined with 18 other local high schools to perform with the SDSU Marching Aztecs for the SDSU/Cal game.  At 3:30, the bands split off into sectionals to practice the song of the evening, “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy.  The color guards divided into small groups and practiced the routine with student leaders from the Aztec Guard.  After 45 minutes of rehearsal, all of the groups came together to practice and take a group photo.

The game began at 7:30 with the performance slated for halftime.  While waiting to perform, many members of the Patriot band watched the game, danced with the band playing in the stands, and took pictures with the Aztec mascot. At 9:30, the bands took the field and performed their hearts out.  With over 1,400 students, the entire football field was filled with musicians and guard members alike. After “Centuries,” the bands played SDSU’s alma mater, “Hail Montezuma,” and their fight song.

Leaving the event, many students look forward to the next year when they can participate, which will be in 2018. The juniors and seniors enjoyed their last high school night, and will remember this fun performance for many years to come. “It was so fun being able to perform with so many talented people from across the county!” said one of the band’s seniors.

By: Carolyn Deal

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