Additional Electives


Although Christian High is a well-established school with strong academics, it lacks many elective options compared to those offered at other schools. Christian High does have a smaller student body and therefore, cannot always afford to offer the same selection of classes, but several electives that used to be offered on campus, such as cooking and woodshop, have gradually disappeared. From offering more languages to including classes that cover subjects like home economics, our school would benefit significantly from additional options and this would excite students.

Many individuals feel that our school limits students by offering only one foreign language. 89.29% of students say that they feel CHS should offer more options of foreign languages. For students with an interest in another language, such as French, or in learning sign language, the single option of Spanish can feel extremely limiting. Personally, the decision to take AP Spanish has vastly improved my life and left me feeling joy. However, numerous students choose to enroll in classes at community colleges in order to fulfill the two year foreign language requirement with subjects that are not offered at Christian High School. Offering diverse languages at our campus would appeal to the interests and talents of more students and encourage enthusiasm for learning.

In addition, our school currently lacks other elective options such as woodshop, home economics, creative writing, and ceramics. These classes would add to the diversity of our school and teach the students valuable and overlooked skills. One third of the students at our school say they would be interested in taking a class on home economics. Not only would they appeal to the students’ interests, these courses also would help students in their lives after high school by showing them how to perform necessary and relevant tasks. “I would love it if Christian High offered more recreational and artistic classes that I could take to enhance my development as a well-rounded student,” says Jessica Hom. Many students have expressed an interest in taking more fine art classes that are not yet offered at our campus.

Undoubtedly, if Christian High offered more alternatives for students to enroll in, our campus would greatly benefit them and would create a more enriching learning environment. Through a measure as simple as including one or two more classes that cover a more diverse range of topics to our school, numerous students at our campus would be interested and inspired to actively participate in their education.

By: Maddie Fossler

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