The Galaxy Note 7 was Samsung’s newest and greatest smartphone with the purpose of tiding customers over until the Galaxy S8 was released. Introduced in August, the smartphone was faster and used to keep their customers from switching to other phones. This was at least their plan, until the phone began to catch fire while plugged in to charge. According to an article by Business Insider, Samsung has been “forced to initiate a global recall of its new flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 7, because dozens of customers’ devices had exploded, reportedly injuring children, destroying cars, and gutting hotel rooms.”

The cause of what went wrong is still unclear, but the company is investigating. As the Verge points out, “every lithium-ion battery–powered device comes with some risk of a short circuit if it isn’t designed or put together properly.” That’s why many devices, including the well known hoverboard, have a documented history of previous exploding batteries. Samsung received over 100 calls of phones catching fire, even after the September recall.

Airlines are already warning passengers not to bring the phones on airlines because of the potential danger that could affect the safety of crew members and passengers.

The recall caused shipping companies to require strict guidelines about how to transport the phones back to the company, and has also caused the public to join in the investigation of the issue of this and public safety. Samsung’s task is now to not only try to surpass their competition, but to correct their public image and assure their customers that their brand is still safe and reliable.

By: Serena Krivitz

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