Sea World Meet the Deep


Ocean Explorer is Sea World’s biggest innovation so far and will include exciting rides, technology, and interactive aquariums. The San Diego renovation will be in the previous Animal Connections exhibit and the Circle of Flags. This multi-million attraction is expected to open in the spring of 2017.

This attraction will include engaging rides for young explorers to come and see animals up close, including the submarine explorer. The ride will involve guests embarking on a journey under the sea and enhancing their knowledge of the ocean and what it contains. The ride will help to inform guests of problems in the ocean and how they can help prevent future problems. According to Sea World, “Ocean Explorer will also feature a play area and a number of other rides, including jellies-themed swings and a shot-and-drop ride.”

Along with the rides, there will be amazing aquariums with wonderful animal interactions. The well known killer whales will also be held in there, but Seaworld has stated that they will not continue to breed them any longer. The aquariums will include tunnels through them with giant tanks where guests can see many sea life creatures including the California moray eels, pinecone fish, and snipefish.

The new attraction will include enriching information to help guests of all ages learn about the ocean and its ecosystem.

By: Serena Krivitz


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