Senior College Workshop


While the underclassmen were testing on Wednesday, October 19th, the seniors had the privilege of attending the annual College4U workshop. The morning started with a prayer from Mr. McCarty, after a brief bout with technical difficulties. After that, an admissions representative from California Baptist University in Riverside spoke on the differences and advantages of attending a private college versus a public college. She presented different statistics regarding academics, athletics, and the social aspects of private colleges.

After her presentation, the seniors were able to enjoy different varieties of muffins and orange juice. They also were able to talk to the CBU admissions representative about the school if they were interested.

The seniors then reconvened and heard from an alumni panel about their experiences in college. The panel included Jillian Sexton (‘13), Andrew Paiva (‘13), Sarah DiFede (‘13), Courtnie Marshall (‘13), and Joel Alesi (‘10). Most of the discussion focused on balancing social life with academic life, as well as spiritual life. They also discussed going to a community college versus a four year college, and different modes of transportation. The student athletes on the panel shared their experiences playing for their college teams and how that impacted college life.

After the alumni panel, the students broke up into different rooms in the Generations building to attend various workshops. In the first session, admissions representatives came from UCSD and the CSU system to talk about how to apply to their colleges. A representative also came from Grossmont to meet with students wishing to go to a community college. For students wishing to go into college athletics, a representative was there to talk them through the process of registering for NCAA and NAIA.

The students then switched to their second sessions, with repeat sessions of CSU and UCSD representatives, as well as the Grossmont representative. The second session also offered a financial planning workshop, taught by Mr. Duarte. This was useful to teach students how to balance a budget, find good college jobs, and avoid going into excessive credit card debt.

Once all of the workshops were over, the seniors went out to the turf field to take their class picture for the yearbook. They were organized by color, with the seniors in pink forming the one, and the students in black forming the seven. The class picture was an aerial shot taken by the school drone. The students were so excited to take the final picture and enjoy the rest of their half day!

By: Carolyn Deal

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