Senior Girls Bible Study

A new group on campus is trying to make changes in the student body by extending kindness and encouraging a deeper Christian faith among other students.  Starting this year, the senior girls’ Bible study meets every Monday at lunch and is planning various events that will take place later in the upcoming year.

This family’s main focus is bringing spiritual unity to the senior girls by doing a weekly Bible study to deepen their spiritual lives. Founder Tabitha Fleck says, “It’s so fun being able to have such a strong spiritual bond with all the ladies in my class. We’re always building each other up and that’s one thing I love!”

One of the ongoing projects of this Bible study is to write pink note cards to the freshmen and sophomore girls. On the front side is the verse of the week, and on the back is an encouraging note or comment.  The purpose of these notecards is to connect with girls in other classes, as well as encourage them throughout their day. So far, this campaign has been successful in bringing many seniors and underclassmen together and has created many friendships.

The current book that the group is reading is My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers. In the book, there is a daily devotional and verse. Every week the group discusses what they read the previous days, and different ways to grow in their faith.

During these weekly meetings, a variety of topics are discussed. Recently, the group focused on ideas to unify the senior class and the different struggles that they encounter daily. Every meeting is closed in prayer, and then the group breaks to go pass out the note cards before the end of lunch.  The senior girls hope to inspire the next generation of Christian leaders on campus and bring unity to Christian High School.

By: Carolyn Deal

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