Where Are All the Band Kids?

If you find it difficult to hang out with your band friends on the weekend, do not worry, they are just winning competitions all over San Diego County!

The Patriot Marching Band and Color Guard have had a very successful season thus far.  On October 9, they competed in the South Bay Field Tournament, held at San Ysidro High School.  This was the first competition of the fall, so some members were nervous, but the day ended successfully. The band placed 2nd in division 1A, and the colorguard received 5th. 1A is the toughest division for smaller bands (up to 50 members), because there are so many competitors in this division. If the band or color guard had been in 2A, they would have swept first!

On October 15, the band competed in the Poway Invitational Field Tournament (PIFT), held at Poway High School. This performance was far better than the previous week, with better musicality and intonation. At the end of the day, the band, percussion, and color guard received 3rd, with Otay Ranch receiving 2nd, and Steele Canyon 1st. The band left CHS at 1pm, and a handful of students stayed through the awards ceremony before leaving at 10.  The few who stayed enjoyed watching larger bands perform, up to 6A with Mount Carmel and Rancho Bernardo. Mount Carmel won Tournament Champion, receiving all but one sweepstakes trophies.

At each competition, the band and color guard warm up and then are transitioned to a prep area before they perform. Each band gets 3 minutes to set up and warm up, and a total of 12 minutes to set up, perform, and clear the area for the next band. After their performance, the band and color guard are able to watch different bands and comment on their performances.

At the awards ceremony, all of the student leaders meet to receive their awards. This year’s student leaders for CHS are Josh Michel, Drum Major; Jessica Hom, Assistant Drum Major; Josh Shandley, Drum Captain; and Carolyn Deal and Morgan Hewett, Color Guard Captains. The student leaders march out to a drum cadence, and then form a half circle facing the home school’s student leaders. Once the band’s name is announced, the respective leaders go to the center of the field and salute the leaders before they receive their award.

The CHS Patriot Band and Color Guard are very busy this fall, but all of their hard work ultimately pays off!

The CHS band also performs at all home football games. They march down from CHS to Granite Hills, and then play pep music in the stands before and during the game. At halftime, band and color guard perform their field show, this season’s entitled “The Wizard of Oz Meets the Wiz.”

By: Carolyn Deal

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