Banquet Preview



It’s the most wonderful time of the year… banquet season! Winter banquet is coming up on January 14th, so gentlemen, start asking all of the lovely ladies of CHS! The Genesis had the opportunity to interview ASB about the upcoming event.

Genesis: Where is banquet being held this year?

ASB: The Grand Tradition, in Fallbrook.

G: What made you choose this venue?

ASB: It’s a beautiful mansion, it definitely fits our elegant theme.

G:What is the theme for banquet?

ASB: Masquerade at the Manor.

G:Why did you want to choose this theme?

ASB: It’s different and incorporates a mysterious aspect to the classy feel.

G: What are you most looking forward to at banquet?

ASB: We are very excited for those attending to experience the more unique event that we’ve been planning!

G: Are there any secrets you can leak The Genesis about banquet?

ASB: We are having a “Murder Mystery” performance, which will create a very memorable night that everyone will enjoy!

Banquet will be a very exciting night, beginning at 5:30pm and lasting until 9pm. Tickets are on sale now for $65 each. Since this is a masquerade, make sure that you buy a beautiful mask to go with your outfit! Some places you can look for one are Charming Charlie, Etsy, or local boutiques around San Diego.

Gentlemen, if you would like to ask someone special, but have no idea what to do, maybe team up with some friends and ask as a group! If that’s a little out there for you, maybe try something more sentimental or quirky, like a scavenger hunt or clues sent every period. Or, you could go the more traditional approach with flowers and a punny poster. The sky’s the limit!

So make sure that you buy tickets to this very fun event, because the memories will last a lifetime (or at least until the next one).

By: Carolyn Deal

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