Board Game Club




Board Game club is a fun new club created by Mr. Swift. The club meets every Wednesday from 3:15-4:15pm and plays various modern games. They enjoy hanging out with one another and having friendly competition, although sometimes the games get very intense as players fight for the win.

The club plays many different board games, but they are not boring grandparents’ games like Monopoly or Scrabble. They have a huge library of games to choose from, and club members are welcome to bring their own games. The club is open to anyone who would like to join, so try to make it to one of the meetings!

Some games the club has played and are planning to play include Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, Heroclix, Killer Bunnies, Netrunner LCG, Bang, Dominion, GO, Descent, 7 wonders, King of Tokyo, Love Letter, and many more.

The idea and goal of the club is to introduce and play new games as often as possible, so even students with no board game experience can play. Mr Swift says “It is said we are living in the golden age of board games, and there has been a huge increase of the quality of games that are being released each year.” He continues to explain how board games are actually a great opportunity for friends to join together and enjoy sitting down and having friendly competition. It provides a type of community in which there is a social connection that is outside of a digital world. They are always welcoming to new members, so students looking for a way to connect on campus may want to check it out.

By: Serena Krivitz

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