King and Queen Feature


Sage and Isaac were announced king and queen of 2016 at the homecoming game. They both are seniors who are actively involved with the school. Sage runs cross country and plays basketball and is also senior class president on ASB. Isaac plays football and is on ASB. Isaac and Sage both have great personalities that brighten our campus, during schools and at games. Both of them have a strong relationship with Christ and will have an impact on the school.  

  1. What is something you like to do in your free time?

Sage: Watch Netflix, go running, and going shopping.

Isaac: Going to the beach and longboarding or hiking.  

  1. What is your biggest fear? why?

Sage: Getting kidnapped; because that would just be so scary to be taken away from my family.

Isaac: Spiders, they are small freaky little things with 8 legs and tons of eyes, why  wouldn’t you be afraid of them?

  1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Sage: Hopefully I will be married and working. Maybe I will have my own business someday, who knows.

Isaac: With a degree in who knows what and in some country working.

  1. How do you want to be remembered at CHS?

Sage: I want to be remembered as a positive example at CHS. I hope to be a role model to the younger girls.

Isaac: Just as a friend and a guy who is after the Lord’s heart and someone who strives to be Lyonhearted.

  1. Who in your life has had the biggest influence on you? Why?

Sage: My mom; she is the strongest woman I know. Despite the struggles in her life she was able to overcome them and provide my brothers and I with the best childhood possible.

Isaac: Most likely my parents and Miss Red. They are my mentors and truly see the joy.

  1. What is something that you have learned at CHS that you would like to pass on? Why?

Sage: High school goes by way too fast, so take advantage of every moment. Be involved as much as you can because you will not have some of these opportunities ever again. Also learn to love high school, because I used to hate it, but after I learned to enjoyed it, it made coming everyday much better.  

Isaac: In HS you have hundreds of people telling you how to do things, tips of what classes to take, who you should or shouldn’t hang out with. Just remember that you are you and not anyone else and your HS career is your own. Walk humbly with the Lord and follow Him and He will lead you. Remember He has gone before you.

By: Hannah Keltner

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