New Class Joins Christian High


An exciting class that has recently joined Christian High is Mr. Sniff’s AP Computer Science class. The Christian High faculty had been considering offering new electives at our campus and Mr. Sniff saw an opportunity to propose this class. Recently, there has been a huge push in high school academic circles regarding STEM classes, meaning science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The biggest blind spot at Christian High as far as STEM was the areas of technology and engineering, and computer science is a very unique blend of these two elements. Over the course of a year, Mr. Sniff compiled the necessary materials and foundation in order to pitch an AP Computer Science class, knowing that the college board was planning to release the guidelines for the class this year. That means CHS is in the first group of schools throughout the nation to be approved to teach computer science principles for AP credit, as this is the first year that the AP Computer Science exam is being offered.

               15 students are currently enrolled in the new class and each of the individuals has found this class extremely compelling. Mr. Sniff states that “I have been so amazed this year by how passionate and interested the students are in what we have been learning.” So far, the class has completed several of the units together and have learned in detail about many topics, from the subject of cyber security to building apps together in class. One of the many factors behind the class’ success so far has been the curriculum behind the course. AP computer science has been using a curriculum produced by a nonprofit organization known as The class covers 6 units throughout this course including programming, algorithms, internet and big data. Mr. Sniff says that  is “incredibly engaging and has a great balance of challenging students while still keeping them interested and engaged in what they are learning and providing hands-on experience. The goal of this class is to get kids excited about computer science so that they can have more guidance later on when picking their major or career.” The class has evidently been successful in this aspect, as seen through the incredible amount of students in AP Computer Science who have enjoyed what they are doing in class to the point where they are pursuing this subject outside of the classroom.This course has already made a big impact on many students’ lives, pushing them to what to continue learning more about computer science, whether it be through starting a club, picking it as a major, or choosing a career that allows them to always interact with this compelling subject.

This class is a unique opportunity for students with an interest in computer science to further explore this subject at Christian High. By enrolling in AP Computer Science, students have the chance to learn so much more about technology and how it is continuing to affect and shape our world and society today. If you have an interest in computer science and are considering a career in a similar field, taking this class could provide you with more information on this subject and help you make the decision of what you will major in while in college. Talk to Mr. Sniff if you are considering enrolling in AP Computer Science.

By: Maddie Fossler

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