Students Experience Election at Golden Hall


Recently, AP US History, AP Government , and YAF students from Christian High School had the opportunity to participate and observe history take place as the 2016 election occurred. On November 8th, also known as Election Day, a group of several students and faculty members such as Ms. Holechek, Mr. Duarte, and Mr. Molumby gathered at Golden Hall in order to take part in the electoral process. Brimming with newscasters from numerous news stations such as KUSI, FOX, and ABC, the hall was full of activity and cameras filming the historical night as polls from throughout San Diego came streaming in. Numerous individuals from the city attended the event, many holding signs in order to represent the candidates they supported.

The many elections that took place during this event included those for president, Senate, City Attorney, City Council, and Board of Supervisors. Mr. Duarte, the teacher sponsor of YAF (Young Americans for Freedom) led the Christian High students in holding signs with powerful Ronald Reagan quotes in order to peacefully relay important messages to the crowd gathered there. They received varying responses from the many individuals and even attracted the attention of newscasters. Several reporters asked to interview the group representing our campus and proceeded to ask about the students’ cause and why they chose to attend this event. Several members of the community voiced their support for the students and the messages they carried on their signs, but there were a few who confronted students as well. Despite the criticism, the students handled themselves well and answered those who questioned them.

Overall, this was a very educational experience for all of the students and members of the faculty who participated and attended as the elections took place at Golden Hall. This presidential election was an extremely historical event and only occurs once during the average high school career. Each individual from CHS was able to watch in person as America made history and voted for the president elect. Although some members of the Christian High group faced backlash, this rare opportunity to participate during one of our country’s most intense elections proved to be worth it. The unique experience gained by attending Golden Hall has greatly influenced the students and faculty members who participated.  

 By: Maddie Fossler

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