New Students

A huge group of new students have been welcomed to Christian High this year due to last year’s closing of Horizon Christian Academy. These new students came to Christian for the best education and environment, as well as the privilege to be a Christian openly.

Christian frequently receives new international students from China and Korea, and this year there are new domestic students from Horizon as well as other private schools in San Diego. Students from Horizon such as Brittany Tate, Luciano Cervantes and Laura Bailon have a very interesting perspective on their experience this year at CHS.

Q: In what way does Christian High differ the most from Horizon?

Luciano: The academics at Christian are much harder and took some time to get used to.

Brittany: Christian’s academic standards are much higher than at my other school and the school overall is twice the size.

Laura: Christian is more one sided with their opinions. The academics are harder and there are not very close relationships with teachers. But I like it because weirdly enough I’m more motivated to get good grades, I like it but it’s just different, also the boys are more chivalrous.

Q: Do you like the new schedule?

Luciano: I like the new schedule because it allows more time for homework; however, the limited weekly class time can be challenging.

Brittany: The block schedule is really confusing, but I’m sure it will benefit me when sports begin and I start missing classes.

Laura: I’m in between but I think I like it more than dislike it because I like having certain classes one day and not going to them the next day.

Q: What was your previous school like?

Luciano: Horizon was truly a family atmosphere and the students were really close to the administration and teachers.

Brittany: Horizon was really fun, really involved with its students, and valued the importance of friendships and community.

Laura: I liked my school because everybody knew each other, at least in our class. It was united, easy going, and funny.

Q: What do you miss about Horizon?

Luciano: I really miss all of my friends  and the close relationships I had with the teachers.

Brittany: I miss my teachers and the relationship I had with them but I’m sure that I’ll be able to make those connections with teachers here at Christian.

Laura: I miss the teachers, my friends, worship, asb, track coaches, and dances. The one thing I don’t miss is the traffic.

Q: Is there anything you would like to change for next year?

Luciano: I would change the schedule to an 8 bell every Monday.

Brittany: No block schedule!!!

Laura: I think the student body would appreciate dancing during banquets, but not line dancing.

Q: What are you most excited for after homecoming?
Luciano: I am really excited and looking forward to the upcoming soccer season.
Brittany: After homecoming, I was really excited for the friendships that I was going to make and becoming close with my senior class.

Laura: Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, and graduation. Jk! Getting closer to new friends like Natalie and Micayla.

Q: What did you think of CHS when you first saw it?
Luciano: When I first came to Christian I wasn’t excited for the change, but I thought the school year would be a good fit for my senior year.
Brittany: My class sizes are much larger than what I was used to and the campus itself is enormous.

Laura: It was a school. Just kidding!

Having new students in CHS is an opportunity to make new friends and to share experiences with each other. New students come to CHS because of the reputation the students make for the school, better education, or other reasons, and it is up to the experienced students to help new students and to share experiences.

By: Alejandro Leyva