Girl’s Volleyball

The varsity girls volleyball team’s hard work has paid off as they’ve had many victories throughout the second half of league play. Although they have faced some difficult opponents, the team has remained dedicated and persevered through the difficult times, staying strong and rising to the challenge at each match. The girls recently won against Mission Bay and have been practicing hard for the Division 2 playoffs. They went on to defeat their league rival Coronado with an intense 5-set victory. Clearly, the Lady Pats have successfully taken this season by storm and plan on continuing their reign of victory.

With the incredible record of 12-4, the future of this team seems bright as they head into further competition. Senior captain Hayley Robinson says “I am so proud of our team for playing to the best of their ability. We have accomplished so much this season and I know we will succeed as it progresses.”

Coach Larsen has done an amazing job preparing the team for success and helping the girls to improve at each practice. By constantly pushing the girls to grow, she has played an extremely significant role in the victories the team has obtained thus far. Each athlete has remained dedicated to bettering themselves throughout the season and persevering against difficult opponents. Overall, the girls have grown so much as a team and are excited to see where their hard work and practice take them as they continue competing in CIF Division 2 playoffs.

By: Maddie Fossler