Throughout the years, homework at Christian High School has always been something to complain about. Although an overload of homework may seem like wasted time, completing homework improves the school by allowing students to learn more and fully comprehend the curriculum.

Homework helps students review and practice what a teacher has covered in class as well as prove their understanding of the concept. Homework is devised to reinforce a concept. Teachers also are aware that extracurricular activities may be an obstacle to complete the workload. “I think one of the most important skills for students to learn in high school is time management. There are so many great extracurricular activities to be involved in, so students need to learn how to make intentional decisions about how they invest their time,” says Mr. Breuninger, the senior history teacher. Even though the workload for each grade seems to increase, Mr. Duarte says, “Everybody sees homework differently, some students take longer on certain assignments than others. If a student does well in English and struggles in math, then math may take longer.”

A common solution to struggling in homework is a study hall period. “One of the most effective ways to get homework done that I have seen is to be productive in study hall.  Students in my study hall who work hard seem to have less homework to do at home than in previous years,” says Mr. Breuninger.

Removing homework is not an option as it is needed to maintain a stable curriculum. Even though the Finnish education system does not have homework, there is research that suggests that at-home assignments make a positive difference. Professor Susan Hallam from the Institute of Education says there is “hard evidence” that homework really does improve how well pupils achieve. “There is no question about that,” she says. A study for the Department for Education found students who did two to three hours of homework per night were almost 10 times more likely to achieve five good GCSEs (general certificate of secondary education) than those who did no homework.

Another issue that causes students to complain about homework is procrastination, as making less time to do homework or essays will always prevent one from achieving the best grade possible. The teachers of CHS have put extra effort into making sure students succeed, and homework is an effort to help, not to hurt students. The real world will not be easy, and success will require much more work than a high school will ever assign.

By: Alejandro Leyva