Lip Sync War

In this year’s lip sync, the seniors took it home winning first place, leaving the juniors 2nd place and the sophomores 3rd. “Soaring over America” was the Homecoming theme and gave each class a creative subject to focus on throughout their lip sync.

Many members of the student body are questioning the placing of the classes. Most people are asking “Why?”, as lot of the observers thought the sophomore class would have 1st place hands down.

The judges were looking at specific categories. The categories evaluated carefully by each of the faculty members judging this year consisted of content, how well lip syncing was, costumes, and the overall neatness of the performance.

The lip sync followed after the homecoming football game in the event center at Shadow Mountain. The decorations were nicely laid out by the hardworking ASB team and everyone had a chance to enjoy the scenery before walking into event center.

The class lip syncs were incredibly skilled this year and each class worked extremely hard over the course of multiple weeks in order to prepare for the night of battling it out on the stage. The class categories were different from one another and each class had a different state to go along with the theme “Soaring Over America.” The freshman had Texas and everyone wore their country hats and got their country boots on. Inspired by Hawaii, the sophomores put on an amazing performance to the soundtrack from Moana, with students wearing leis around their necks. The juniors followed after with the theme of the Big Apple. The junior lip sync was like sitting at a Broadway show and watching two entertaining plays take place. The seniors had the Golden State of California, and each person played a significant role, either in singing to California girls or rocking out to a Californian song.

Each class lip sync was a joy to watch and a wonderful experience for everyone that was in it. Students who were not in a lip sync this year, students should be a part of very special occasion at Christian High School in the upcoming years.