Mr. Houck

Mr. Houck is the new freshmen Bible teacher from Ventura, California, and his classroom is in room 311 in the Generations building. Mr. Houck went to a miniature middle school where he had the word of God at his fingertips, but it all changed after his transfer to a public school, where no one knew who God was or what He has planned.

During high school Mr. Houck fancied himself with track and field and basketball while maintaining good grades. However, he was shy at first due to the enormous population attending the high school compared to his smaller middle school of 150 students.

Mr. Houck says,”in my first 3 years of high school I was not walking with God,” and that “it was not until my senior year when I started figuring out who I really was and that was when God called me to ministry to teach the Bible; that was a really difficult time for me, it really was a time of self discovery.” After Mr. Houck graduated from high school he spent seven years studying Old Testament and New Testament at Biola University and Talbot School of Theology.

By: Alejandro Leyva

Mr. Houck says, “I have always been interested in academics concerning the Bible, so when God called me to Christian High my wife and I moved down from Los Angeles.” Mr Houck enjoys students engaging and discussing the Bible.


Mr. Houck’s goal is to help his students to enjoy and know God and His Word. Mr. Houck claims teaching the Bible as a privilege given by God. Mr. Houck today enjoys creating engaging activities for the students to study the Bible and finds high school as a time to develop a strong relationship and to uncover the mysteries of God’s Word.