Mrs. Fournier

Many students already know the new upbeat English III  teacher, Mrs. Fournier. Mrs. F. came here along with a lot of new students from Horizon Christian Academy and has been teaching for 10 years.

The Genesis had the chance to sit down and do a little Q and A with one of the newest additions to the Christian High School staff. Mrs. Fournier has a lot of passion for her students, wanting them to not only thrive in the classroom but to develop as well-rounded individuals.

Question: What was your first impression on coming to Christian High School?

Answer, As thankful as I was for a teaching job when I first came here, I was bitter that my other school shut down. I am still dealing with really raw emotion. You must understand I taught for 10 years there, graduated from there, met my husband there, and sent my kids there for preschool and kindergarten, so for a while the beauty of this campus was dimmed by the hurt. It’s still a process. Here is what I can tell you about my impressions: God is good, He is faithful, and He is here. He has placed a heart within me for my students. I had thought I would not be able to love a new batch of students because of the pain of losing my precious students, but, my goodness, you students are impossible not to love. God has blessed me with a big, beautiful, crazy class that has captured my heart.

Question:What do you do for enjoyment?

Answer: Sing and dance parties with Moose and Beanie; I like to have brunch, go to the beach, and read.

Question:When did you meet your Husband?

Answer: I met Jesse (or cheese, as I lovingly call him) my junior year of high school. Our first date was junior/senior prom.

Getting to know Mrs. Fournier has been a joy. Her smile lights up Christian High School and one cannot help but feeling joy in  her presence. Students should definetly get to know her if they haven’t already!


By: Mallory Steele