Optional Chapel

Chapel at Christian High occurs almost every week. Many people enjoy the messages,

worship and the overall experience. However, some are not interested in chapel, no matter the quality of the messages and worship, which causes some problems that leave chapel with room for improvement. Overall, chapel could be improved by making it optional.

By making chapel optional, a better spiritual environment would be created. Most of those who would come would be the students who are serious about their faith. By having a large group of strong-faithed people, good fellowship would happen. Additionally, those who do not have a strong faith, yet have a desire to learn about Christ, would be able to come to chapel and experience good community without being distracted by their non-Christian friends. Furthermore, those who come to chapel would be able to do so without fear of being judged by the other people at chapel, as only the people who want to be there would attend.

By making chapel optional, the worship experience would be better. Currently, many people do not sing during worship nor do they enjoy the music. This makes worship a terrible experience both for those who do sing and those who do not. People who do not enjoy the worship at chapel are not energized or motivated by the music, nor do they have an emotional spiritual experience. Many people who do sing and enjoy worship are faced with the embarrassment of singing while those around them are silent. Additionally, when so few people sing, the whole atmosphere of worship is ruined. By making chapel optional, the worship experience would be better, as those who would want to come are also those who sing. The worship experience would be far more energizing and spiritual, and people would be able to sing without fear of judgement.

An optional chapel would provide a more enjoying experience for those who want to go. For those who choose not to go, that time could easily be used for doing homework or hanging out with friends.  For more spiritual options, the school could set up a couple different seminars, like practical teachings about Christianity or practical life lessons like money, jobs, etc.

Making chapel optional would be a great thing. People who do not like chapel will not get anything out of it no matter what the school does. Overall, optional chapel creates a better atmosphere for those who do want to go, and also benefits those who do not want to go by giving them time to do homework or other things. Making chapel optional would be a good move by the school to solve many of chapel’s current issues.

By: Lucas Gemmer