Student Survey

A recent survey sent out to all advisories sheds some light on the lives, motivations, and beliefs of Christian High students. Although the margin of error is unknown and percentages cited in this survey are not exact, the survey still reveals some useful information.

When asked about church attendance, around 50% of students said that church attendance was “very important” to them. A further 40% said it was “kind of important.” Only about 8% said that church attendance was “not at all important.”

When students were asked about the frequency of church attendance each month, around 58% said they attended 3-10+ service per month. Around 41% said that they attend 0-2 services each month.

For the question of “which of the following defines you?”, with choices of academic, athlete, artist, and techie, a majority of students (64%) put “athlete.” Coming in second was “academic,” with 57%. Third was “artist” with 27%, and last was “techie” with roughly 16%. Students were able to choose more than one.

Next, students were asked if their personal beliefs about God align with those of CHS. A majority (82%) agreed, split between “agree” (56%) and “strongly agree” (26%). 11% “disagreed” and 5% “strongly disagreed.”

Results were split when queried “How often do you read the Bible, outside of a church or school event?”  8% of students put “every day,” 17% put “several times a week,” and 25% put “one a week.” 18% put “once a month,” 9% put “three to four times a year,” and only 4% put “once or twice a year.” Finally, 4% of students put “less than once a year” and 12% put “never.”

Students were also asked about the levels of influence different things had in their life. “Parents” was the mostly highly influential, followed by “Friends,” “Bible,” “Pastor,” then “Siblings.” Least influential in students’ lives were “media (e.g. T.V., movies)” and “Social Media.”

The survey also asked students if they used the Bible to guide them “when making important life decisions.” Many (43%) said they “sometimes” do. 21% said they “often” do. 23% said “rarely” and 11% said “never.”

When asked to rank Athletics, Fine Arts, Biblical Worldview, Social Status, Academics, and Public Perception, Athletics was chosen the most as #1. Descending from there were Academics, Biblical Worldview, Social Status, Public Perception, and bringing up the rear, Fine Arts.

Finally, for the question of “Do you consider yourself a Christian?,” 88% put yes and 12% put no.

This information shows that a majority of CHS students consider themselves Christians, athletes are the largest group, and many students attend church.

By: Lucas Gemmer