Democrat Corruption

While the mainstream media continues to smear President Trump with accusations of collusion with Russia, they fail to report on the evidence being continually revealed of corruption surrounding Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and the Democratic Party.

During the primaries, Hillary Clinton and her campaign took control of the Democratic National Committee, according to a book by Democrat political strategist Donna Brazile and various other documents and emails. Before the 2016 presidential election, the Democratic Party desperately needed funds, as they were $2 million in debt. According to a contract between Hillary’s campaign and the DNC, in return for paying that debt and raising more money for the DNC, Hillary and her campaign would control the Democrat Party’s finances, strategy, and all the money raised. Furthermore, Hillary’s campaign gained full control over the staffing of the party, at all levels.

Furthermore, leaked DNC emails also reveal that, according to Washington Post, “the Committee was actively trying to undermine Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign.” The emails further reveal that DNC officials mocked Sanders on his religion, said he has “no understanding of the part”, and ridiculed Sander’s campaign strategy in California. The emails also divulge that DNC officials even suggested ideas to undermine Sander’s campaign while supposedly remaining “neutral.” The DNC clearly colluded with Hillary to push Sanders out of the primaries. Bernie Sanders essentially had no chance to win; effectively, the DNC corruption kept Sanders from winning the nomination.

Information has also recently come out pointing to corruption in Obama’s Department of Justice. Emails show that former FBI director James Comey wrote a draft letter exonerating Hillary Clinton before barely any of the facts came in regarding the investigation into her unsecured email server. Additionally, leaked documents show that the Department of Justice had sought information relating to Donald Trump during the primaries and the presidential race; furthermore, they paid a foreign operative to continue working for the Democrats to find dirt on Trump. The corruption is huge; a government entity, supposed to be politically neutral, funded a specific political campaign during the presidential election. Department of Justice documents obtained by Judicial Watch also show that the IRS overly targeted conservative organizations.

Additionally, other documents show a possible collusion between the Clintons, Obama’s administration, and Russia over the United States uranium. Basically, Russia wanted to acquire a stake in a mining company called Uranium One, which controls about 20% of U.S. uranium production capacity. However, for this deal to go through, it had to be approved by several government organizations, one of them being at the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s State Department. The deal ended up going through, but it is surrounded with suspicious incidents.For instance, Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 for making a speech in Moscow and also reportedly met with Russian President Vladimir Putin before the deal went through. Additionally, according to Newsweek and National Review, $145 million was donated to the Clinton Foundation by sources linked to the Uranium One deal. Furthermore, National Review also reports that “It appears that no disclosure of Russia’s racketeering and strong-arming was made to CFIUS (The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States) or to Congress — not by Secretary Clinton, not by Attorney General Holder, and certainly not by President Obama.” This highly concerning issue is not being reported by the mainstream media, even though it gave Russia access to a large percentage of the U.S.’s uranium stores.

Overall, there is a clear issue of corruption surrounding not only Hillary Clinton, but the DNC and Obama’s justice department. Most of the media continues to ignore theses issues, and instead smear Trump for a “collusion with Russia” of which there is still no evidence. Problematically, this shows that even clear cases of corruption can escape the public notice.

By: Lucas Gemmer