David Smith

Most of the Christian High Student body know the heart and soul of the Christian High Patriot Praise, guitar player David Smith. David has a strong passion for what he does and plays for the enjoyment of others.

The Genesis staff asked David Smith a few questions to get to know him better and understand his zeal for music and his plans for his future in the music industry. Although he is most known as a guitar player, David states, “I have played the guitar for about 4 years now, but I have been playing other instruments for longer.” David previously rocked the drums for Patriot Praise as well as tuba for the band.

David plans to graduate from Christian High School in the upcoming year, and plans “to go to college at SDSU and pursue a double major in Business and Recording Technology/Audio Design.” David has discovered a fascination for the sound engineering side of music. It appears that David is on the road to success!
 David spoke about why he chose the guitar above all other instruments. He replied, “I love the guitar because it opens up so many possibilities. It makes it so easy to fit in any kind of musical group such as big band, folk, rock, classical, etc. Music inspires me because it is my passion. I am constantly thinking about it to the point where I am obsessed with it, even explaining abstract or advanced musical techniques and theory to non-musicians and vocalists.”

David Smith has a great plethora of musicians that inspired him to play the guitar, but he claims “I do not have a ‘model’ musician I look up to, especially since my musical pallet varies so much. I would have to say a big influence on my bass playing is from Jaco Pastorious of the contemporary jazz-rock group ‘Weather Report.’” David has different artists that influence his drumming such as “the styles of John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) and Bill Ward (Black Sabbath). There’s so many musicians I look up to I can’t even choose one for the guitar, but I would have to go with SRV (SRV and the Double Trouble). He’s the best blues guitarist ever to have lived.” Do not be surprised when David Smith is one day a big name in music and Christian High students will proudly claim that we knew him ‘back when.’ Until that day Christian High will keep enjoying the music that David produces at Christian High.

By: Mallory Steele