Liberal Left

On February 1st, 2017, controversial conservative Milo Yiannopoulos visited the University of California, Berkeley in an effort to spread conservative views about current events to students. As a response, leftist students protested his presence on campus and the speech was cancelled.

Within hours, the protest turned violent as bystanders were beaten for merely refusing to take a side. Protesters broke windows and burned buildings within and around UC Berkeley.

Modern liberalism, also called the Left, has destroyed the elegance of traditional liberalism by hijacking its language and ideology. While traditional liberalism promotes free speech at the individual level, the Left has become the largest threat to open debate and expression. This is clearly observed through their consistent violent actions against conservative speakers such as Yiannopoulos.

Traditional liberalism promotes the freedom of small business. However, much of the Left supports raising the minimum wage to $15. This not only takes away the rights of the employer, but also the rights of the employees to work for whoever they want. Minimum wage is a direct intrusion into the operations of a business and its employees and goes directly against traditional liberal beliefs.

The Left has hijacked the feminist movement as well. Feminism began as a peaceful pursuit for gender equality, specifically in the workplace. Through it, women gained both equality in the workplace if they had the right qualifications for the job and the right to vote. Sadly, the Left has transformed it into a man-hating, vicious ideology set on destroying men’s lives through false rape accusations and forced gender diversity in the workplace.

Similarly, traditional liberalism promotes individual power and significance. One of their fundamental beliefs is that people should have the freedom to choose how they want to impact the world, whether positively or negatively. In contrast, the Left supports the murder of millions of children in the womb, before they get a chance to make an impact in the world. Not only does the left promote this atrocious action against the weakest in society, but they demand that every taxpayer fund it.

Racist. Sexist. Nazi. These words have lost virtually all meaning due to their incorrect overuse by the Left. Traditional liberalism is supposed to promote tolerance, diversity, and individual responsibility, and the Left has the audacity to claim they still do. However, immediately after preaching this ideology, they hypocritically turn around and call white people racist and men sexist, just for being born as they were. Conservatives are frequently labelled Nazis for merely holding slightly different political beliefs. Many heterosexuals are hatefully tagged as homophobic just because they hold views that do not align with the Left’s.

Clearly, the word liberal does not mean what it used to. The pursuit of equality and peace found in traditional liberalism have been replaced with the absurd obsession with identity politics and violence found in the Left.

By: Paul Marselus