Boy’s Basketball

Many students have seen the new basketball players around campus who have come from many different schools across San Diego. This year’s Christian High School basketball team is already ahead of the game in a superior first win against Mt.Carmel (66-46).

The Basketball team this year due to the ability on the court and the competitiveness that players bring to each game the team hopes to make history at Christian High School.

The Genesis staff asked junior starter Christian West about the team’s future and he says “I see us going far just as long as we stick together,We all think we’re capable of winning CIF.”

As the players look ahead in the season they are most excited for “Winning a ring, and making history.” All of the Student body at Christian High School can not wait to see the team succeed this 2017-2018 season.

The Christian High basketball team had the blessing to add on the new head Coach  Davion Famber. Famber pushes his players to be remembered, and leave a legacy at CHS. Coach  Famber  teaches his players “To not only be winners but champions.” Short term goals that  Coach Famber has for the team is to “win the league championship that Christian High Basketball has not won in 13 years and then win CIF which that has not been accomplished in 18 years, and also to obtain a team GPA of 3.7, the coaching staff goal is to change the culture of CHS basketball.”

With the addition of motivated coaches and student athletes, Coach Faber is changing the program into something big. In previous years, the CHS basketball team has not had the greatest success, but Faber is excited for this season to be different. When asked about his experience thus far coaching at Christian High, Coach Faber proudly stated “It has been great, it has been different coming from Mission Vista. As far as the religious aspect,  we have kids that are a little hesitant, but now we have kids that are respective to the teaching and learning how to be a Christian not by faith but by walking, it’s amazing to see. Christian High basketball is a thing now.”

The Christian High Basketball season is going to be a great success with all of the new talent and coaching leadership. Christian High will cheer on the team as the players compete and pursue their goals. Sounds like the Christian High Basketball team is well on their way to becoming Division 2 CIF Champions.

By: Mallory Steele