The wrestling team is beginning the season with a strong and optimistic start. They have many tested returners, such as Matt Kim, Asher Harris, and Ryan Kelly, and have gained willing newcomers Tanner Ifrid and Nico Smith. Led by team captain Cameron Paulino and coach Charlie Moreno, they hope to repeat the successes of last year, in which they competed well for such a small team, had two individuals win league championship, and even had a senior win CIF.

For the uninformed, wrestling is a contact sport in which individuals go one-on-one with their opponents. Opponents are matched by weight class, and points are earned throughout the match for successful moves and holds. Each match has three periods totaling around six minutes. The winner is the one who first successfully pins their opponent, or if no one is pinned, the individual who attained the most points. To be a successful wrestler, an athlete needs substantial amounts of physical strength, stamina, balance, and flexibility. The sport also requires strong mental focus, endurance, confidence, and a solid work ethic.

Wrestling requires one to have strong control over their diet and their body. At the beginning of the season, wrestlers undertake weeks of conditioning, which usually consists of running long distances and growing one’s strength. Additionally, in wrestling, athletes are organized into weight classes, which is how opponents are matched up. Because of this, wrestlers normally go on strict diets to keep their weight consistent, in order to not be moved up a weight class. The diet also makes wrestlers leaner and more muscular. To maintain their good shape, wrestlers normally remove any sort of fast food or sugary food from their diet. One sees that wrestling grows one’s discipline, as they need to have firm control of themselves.

This season, the team competes in Division IV as part of the Central League. With assistant coaches David Moreno and Pedro Paulino also aiding the wrestlers and pushing them to do their best, this year’s wrestling team looks forward to a triumphant season. Come cheer for them on December 15-16 at the El Cajon Invitational, or go watch them compete in any of their other league meets.

By: Lucas Gemmer