“I’m Radically Opposed to What He Just Said”

Kevin Conover, Christian High School’s Christian Theology and Apologetics teacher, recently starred in a BuzzFeed video as a six-day creationist handcuffed to an evolutionist filmmaker, John Rael. This led to many awkward moments, but there were many meaningful moments as well.

BuzzFeed contacted the Creation Museum in Santee, looking for a creationist who would be willing to be handcuffed to an evolutionist for 24 hours. The museum referred BuzzFeed to Mr. Conover. He convinced his wife it would be a good experience, then went on with the project.

He first met John Rael at the moment of their handcuffing in Phil’s Barbeque, which, contrary to the timing of the final cut, was the first place they were handcuffed.

The most difficult part of being handcuffed in Mr. Conover’s estimation was driving. They both had to enter through the passenger side and Mr. Conover had to climb over handcuffed to drive. This happened many times, and Mr. Conover described it as “a super hassle.” Another was using the restroom, where at one point not in the final cut they each had to humorously reach their one handcuffed hand over a stall divider.

At a different time, it was the middle of the night and Mr. Conover had to relieve himself. He said, “I didn’t want to wake him (John Rael) up… I lie there for a long time just hoping that I wouldn’t have to go to the bathroom. Finally I had to, so at that point I uncuffed and actually went and used the bathroom.” Mr. Conover explained, “They (BuzzFeed) did give us the key. They said in the case of an emergency, and I decided that was an emergency.”

Mr. Conover’s favorite parts were in his authentic discussions with John Rael as well as being on the talk show with Michael Shermer, the founder of The Skeptics Society and the editor-in-chief of its magazine Skeptic. He said John Rael was open to the messages Mr. Conover set before him. Mr. Conover felt he made, “solid headway in reasoning” with John Rael, influencing his views. At one point, he even changed his mind about a preconceived notion. Mr. Conover explained, “There was a point in the Bible study when I was proving that the Bible does not teach slavery, and he (John Rael) basically, almost one hundred percent had his mind changed. He went from believing the Bible taught slavery to admitting that it does not teach slavery.”

That moment, along with other significant events in Mr. Conover’s opinion, did not make the final cut. Another time was before bed, when they had a good conversation about John Rael’s personal life and struggles that went on for some time; unfortunately, none of it was shown.

The BuzzFeed team located in L.A. had to shorten the 24 hours of film into a 10 minute 58 second video. Although key moments were missed, Mr. Conover said, “Honestly, I don’t think I could have done a better job than what they did trying to be fair. I was pleasantly surprised with how hard they tried to be fair to me, as well as fair to John.”

Overall, Mr. Conover says he would not have done anything significantly differently if it was taken again. “I felt like it was really from the Lord, the whole thing. (I) just felt like the Holy Spirit was guiding it. It was just so smooth, and the words just flowed so well that… I just felt like it was really, really good.”

The video is available on YouTube on the channel BuzzFeedVideo. It is labelled “Creationist And Evolutionist Are Handcuffed For 24 Hours.”

By: Paul Marselus