Inside Scoop on Chapel Speakers

Chapel is a time that the Christian High student body comes together every C Day to listen to a chapel speaker. A speaker is invited every week whether that be faculty or outside speaker. There is a lot of curiosity on what goes into the decision of choosing a chapel speaker. Most chapel speakers this year have been from the Christian High faculty.

In a recent interview, the Genesis asked Mr. Higgins what he looks for in a chapel speaker. Mr. Higgins stated, “We look for people who invest in their students. If you have noticed, we do not have a lot of outside speakers this year. We have a lot of teachers speak. I do not try and make it into a speaking competition. The idea is to focus on what God is going to say to us rather than the speaker.”

There are some qualifications that go into choosing a chapel speaker. Mr. Higgins believes that “When we look for speakers we look for who truly loves God and loves people, and we obviously do not look at people who believe in heresy. We often times put a lot of weight on a speaker and we can easily fall into that trap of rating a speaker rather than thinking what chapel is really about.”

In the 2017-2018 school year Christian High School has had twelve speakers that are faculty at Christian High School, two Shadow Mountain Church associated speakers, and one outside speaker.   

Chapels at Christian High School have consisted of mostly male speakers, besides Mrs. Lackie. In the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 school years Christian High  has had only  one occasion of a panel of female speakers in which the speakers were Christian High affiliated. Mr. Higgins stated “Girl speakers are coming soon.”

The Genesis asked Daniel Welch, who as school chaplain is a part of the decision making for Christian High  chapel speakers, what he is looking for in a speaker. Daniel revealed that he looks for “Someone who loves Jesus passionately, and is not afraid to tell it how it is and what Jesus would have wanted. I look for someone who can have good conversation with me and can carry that over into his or her sermon.”

 The Genesis asked Daniel why there have not been many outside speakers this year. He responded that “It’s hard because it is just so much easier to work with teachers’ schedules. Outside speakers require a lot more effort to try and work into the schedule.”

Daniel believes that “It is important for a speaker to have a connection with the students, but some of our best chapels have had speakers who are not associated with the CHS community. It’s really whatever God wants to do through whoever is speaking”.

Daniel stated “I love our teacher speakers and they do such an amazing job bringing the Word. I have to say though,having outside speakers is pretty great. A lot of the speakers that come in are good friends of mine, and so it’s rad to see them ministering to the people I love so much.”

Although at Christian High School we have had a lot of faculty speakers Mr.Higgins  look’s forward to a new and diverse group of men and women delivering a message in future chapel services.

By: Mallory Steele