Mr. Marshall: Hope in the Midst of Serious Health Crisis

Recently, the Christian High student body and faculty were shocked to learn that Principal Scott Marshall was undergoing an open heart surgery and facing a life or death situation. Now in the process of recovering from this serious procedure, Mr. Marshall allowed The Genesis staff to interview him and discover the story behind these sudden and frightening events.

Right up until his health condition that led to his operation, Mr. Marshall lived a healthy and active lifestyle, stating that he had even “gone surfing three consecutive days the week before.” The day that he was rushed to the emergency room began with he and his wife running several errands to prepare for a faculty meeting that was to be held the next day. In between driving to different stores, Mr. Marshall decided to fill his car with gas. As he was parked next to the fuel pump, he started to experience a dizziness that he had never felt before. He said that “I knew right away that I was in trouble because my face and arms were tingly and I felt incredibly dizzy and flushed.” Unsure of what he was experiencing, he called his son, who is a doctor, and he was able to help Mr. Marshall with his breathing and call the paramedics. He was immediately rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, and one of the paramedics initially believed that Mr. Marshall was having a panic attack because there were no outward symptoms typical of cardiac conditions.

After running several tests that all came back negative, Mr. Marshall spent the night in the hospital, still unaware of the cause behind his dizzy feeling. The next day, the doctors injected him with radioactive material in order to run a nuclear test, which is a newly-developed method of scanning the heart, allowing doctors to view it three-dimensionally. Mr. Marshall said that “The injections they gave me sped up my heart rate considerably, leaving me with an uncomfortable sensation as I was unable to catch my breath.” This state-of-the-art test revealed that he had blockage in the left side of his heart. The doctor originally thought they could simply place a stent in his heart and Mr. Marshall would soon return to his normal life. However, after getting the results from another test, they discovered that he had extensive blockage in a major artery that usually causes death and is referred to as the widow-maker. That artery was 97% blocked, and three others were also blocked to a dangerous degree. Doctors were blown away that Mr. Marshall had not experienced a heart attack and scheduled him for a quadruple bypass. The surgery was a success and Mr. Marshall is still recovering. After being in ICU for only one day (the typical time is two to three), and walking right away, he was able to leave the hospital two days early because of his speedy progress.

Mr. Marshall stated that these crazy events left him feeling “extremely thankful for how the hand of God was always over me in a mighty and powerful way. I am incredibly blessed to have experienced a fast recovery and am already walking up to three miles and feeling good. I hope to attend the dodgeball tournament and was finally able to attend church; I’m definitely ready to get back to normal.” He has been overwhelmed by the prayer and support he has received from countless friends and old co-workers, and is grateful for the Christ-like character of his family, who have helped to care for him as he continues to recover. Please continue to pray for a smooth and quick recovery process for Mr. Marshall!

By: Maddie Fossler