Preview of Spiritual Emphasis Week

Amidst the chaos and eagerness for classes to end, often times a student’s faith is pushed aside and replaced by the school’s almost cyclic schedule. Christian High, however, has different intentions for its students, putting aside three days of valuable time for the annual Spiritual Emphasis Week. To take a break from the stress and workload of the semester, this event is about aiding students towards a renewal of the mind and spirit and a reconnection with one another.

Mr. Higgins, one of the key planners, says, “In a nutshell C3DAY is an on campus camp to help raise the spiritual temperature for our students.” As always, Christian High has the opportunity to host an outside speaker and the decision this year did not fall short of expectations. This year, Christian High is privileged to host family and youth pastor of the Flood Church San Diego Campus, Mike Cunningham, to lead the week’s chapels.

Mr. Cunningham, thrilled to have the opportunity to witness to this group of high schoolers, says as a preview of the week, “The topic for the week is Kingdom Clash…  we want to have a conversation around what does True Freedom look like?  We spend so much energy building our own little kingdoms in search of the freedom to live the life we believe is best for us.  When we begin to trust that God loves us, is for us, and offers us a life where we experience true freedom it’s a game changer.”

“My hope is that students would take away a deeper level of trust in God’s plan for their lives.  That they would see as God sees.  Become aware of what God is wanting to do in and through their life, as well as, those around them. If students are open to new ways of thinking about faith and God, then I believe their faith will become more alive and full of color.”

In addition to the chapels that take place, there are other activities in the lineup for the week. Due to their overwhelming popularity among Christian High students, The Jason Winters Band will be performing and leading worship again this year.

An essential part of a student’s walk with God is to have their lives partially focused toward the love of others. While school brings about stress and fatigue, some tend to lose sight of the relationships with one another. Similar to the first day of school, ASB has planned Patriot Games to restore the emphasis of friendships and bonds students have at Christian High School.

The primary planners of these games, Austin Weinman and CJ Kirwan, say, “This event is all about coming closer to God in many ways, whether that be through the many awesome services we are having, or the amazing recreational time… It’s an awesome opportunity to see God work his magic through relationships that can build and blossom through spending time together”. As a preview to what’s in store, Mr. Higgins says that they will be incorporating the Kajabe Challenge, a summer camp favorite and highly competitive game.

Those coordinating the event hope that students take advantage of the time God has given them here to come closer to Him without the worry of tests and homework. Their desire is that the work devoted to planning and preparing for this event will inspire the participation of the student body and a memorable and transformative experience.

By: Brittany Tate