Beloved CHS Student Sways His Way Into Juilliard 

By Summer Fischlowitz 

Staff Writer

     CHS senior, Elijah Ratermanis, has been a favorite student for many years. From his charming ways as a lip-sync MC, his personality has never failed him to win the hearts of many. May I also note English class has perfected his Scottish accent in the reading of the play Macbeth

As he begins to sculpt his future, Elijah’s charming ways have actually paid off in the sense of being accepted into a prestigious college. Mr. Ratermanis has officially been accepted into the Juilliard School for the fall of 2020. As Elijah plans to pursue his dreams of becoming a screenwriter, Juilliard falls nothing short of perfection for his pursuit. 

The talented and popular Elijah was chosen to represent the senior class for homecoming week. The homecoming court got pied in the face.

Before pursuing Juilliard, Elijah had his heart set on humbly starting his screenwriter career through community college, however, Ratermanis was deeply hurt when all of his community college options rejected his applications. Mr. Ratermanis states, “I was super bummed to not be able to go to community college, but Juilliard is alright too, I guess.” However, Ratermanis plans to continue forward and onto the grounds of Juilliard in the fall amidst rejection of colleges nearby. 

Along with his acceptance, the Juilliard School also included a generous scholarship for Elijah due to his excellent beatbox skills and freestyle dance moves. Elijah can’t wait to be a part of the Juilliard family and continues to shine a light in this dark world of ours. For now, Elijah Ratermanis continues to bless the CHS campus and will continue to do be a blessing on the grounds of Juilliard.