“Chemistry” Sparks Mr. Roach’s Engagement

By Fiona Ostermann

Staff Writer

The Genesis is very excited to announce our very own CHS teacher, Jesse Roach’s engagement! Jesse and Jessie plan to have a small summer elopement in Hawaii where they will enjoy their honeymoon to follow. Soaking in the warm summer breeze on the beautiful islands with his new wife, they will celebrate their love. Mr. Roach will be

Jesse and Jessie enjoy a sunset walk

running a gymnastics camp with some Hawaii locals the first and last week of July as his generous homecoming gift as a married man. Promo: be sure to hand in $10 up until April to get registered. Now what you have all been waiting for, the story!

Jessie and Jesse would enjoy their evening on a weekend getaway to Disneyland where he would pop the big question. How magical! The Minnie to his Mickey undoubtedly said yes and would continue watching the traditional firework show, almost as explosive as their passionate hearts. “I don’t know how to describe the night or even our love in any other way but, perfection. Faulty but an endless adventure of discovery-I couldn’t ask for anything more. I would take any chance to treat her like the queen she is, 3 carat ring hopefully a reminder of a lifetime together. I’m excited to make our forever legalized in the kingdom of God… and America and build a family with Jessie.” Mr. Roach, you sure know how to be poetic, best wishes to you and your soon to be wife!