Christian High No Longer Assigning Weekend Homework

By Lydia Wolfe

Staff Writer

   It’s official: teachers at CHS are not allowed to give homework assignments of any size on the weekends. With the 2019-2020 school year starting a week later than it did in the past, the student body has had fewer 4 day weeks, which has proven to cause burnout among the students. In order to avoid the lack of work being put into the out-of-class assignments, Administration has decided to give a much-needed break to everyone. This rule was nearly implemented in the past, however, as the leadership on campus has shifted, the customs appear to change also. 

HW weekend
How most students feel about homework

   Students have already responded appreciatively to the 4th quarter’s new rule. Isa Valdez says “I’m super happy about it, I already have to go to orchestra practice on Saturdays so not having homework will give me lot’s of time to relax.” Additionally, the teachers are also excited to cut down the load. The calculus teacher, Mrs. Vail says “Mondays shouldn’t be as stressful because I won’t have to answer my students’ many questions.”

   Although feedback has been overall positive, a few students have responded skeptically, saying things such as “What if this rule causes more week-day homework?”

   Even with mixed feelings considering the policy, the expected response to the alleviation of homework is to be primarily positive across all connected to the campus.