Future of CHS Goes Virtual: Google Classroom High School 

Trevor Dixon


CHS students, teachers, and administrators agree: online school is better than the boring, old, conventional campus setting. After the initial quarantine period is over after April, CHS teachers and students will need to adjust even more as both Principal Mrs. Lanz and Vice Principal Mr. Conover have ordered a permanent switch to online school. The need for this arose after parents and students expressed gratitude and joy over the comfortability and flexibility of online school. 

Eleventh-grade teacher and Newspaper Adviser Mr. Molumby explained, “We absolutely love the transition to Google Classroom, it’s a lot easier to throw out some multiple-choice ‘quiz’ and let the students cheat freely. It makes entering grades into the grade book a lot easier.” 

From now until 2023, CHS can expect a rebranding to an experimental, online school

G meet_96dp
Google Meet has become a favorite platform for teachers to reach their students with education

known as Google Classroom High School, or GCHS, and can plan on using Google Classroom and Google Meet for everything! From Mrs. McKinley’s Geometry class to hectic Guitar Hero band practices, Mr. Conover told The Genesis, “we are going to find a way to make it work. We trust God is leading us on the right path and appreciate prayers from everyone involved. At the same time that we use online school, we believe that we can still implement our mission of ‘teaching through a biblical worldview.’” 

Get ready for the new and improved Google Classroom High School chapels that you will watch via live stream and answer “quiz questions” to make sure you stay awake! Attendance is still mandatory too! 

Sports will resume as normally planned and the online practices will start immediately after school ends from 3:00 to 5:00 PM. Your initial sports payment of $300 will fund the Xbox and games needed to participate in a competitive and athletic experience as you create lasting friendships. Soccer will now practice playing FIFA, Basketball will party up in NBA 2K, and so on for all of the other sports (except Football, of course, as it has lost all funding; see Isabella Valdez and Lydia Wolfe’s article for more details.). 

Math Teacher Mrs. McKinley is excited for this move to virtual class. She feels like it will make here more connected with her students then through live tutoring sessions

ASB will still be scheduling and hosting all the fun high school events we love! With the extra time they got with this year essentially ending early, they have already brainstormed future online Google Meet events for next year’s online events. For $80, ASB plans on calling you your gourmet Postmates meal for you to your address that is readily on Renweb as you enjoy their banquet! 

Moreover, GCHS will finally get the dances students have been begging for for years! With games like Just Dance, Administration has approved limited dancing. Still, to curb any inappropriate and trendy dances, chaperones will attend the Google Meet and turn off your camera when you break the policy. 

GCHS is the same CHS it has always been. But with only a few simple, rudimentary changes (and the extra “G” before the “CHS”), we look forward to new growth and the permanent social distancing high school experience the majority of CHS students has dreamt of! The Genesis can’t wait to see what the future years hold! Who knew that so much good can come from a pandemic!?