Is Online School the Answer?

By: McKenzie Davis

Staff Writer

Well, I’m sure that by now it’s no surprise to anyone, that due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, CHS has had to make a jump to online schooling. There are many differing and opposing views on the matter, as some see it as a good thing and others hate it. This article is written with the intention to reveal the students’ opinions and feelings regarding online schooling

Online schooling
A very useful skill. Is it not?
Courtesy of McKenzie Davis

First, let’s talk about the pros, everyone would agree that not having to wear uniforms is a BIG plus. “Going” to school in your pajamas is definitely the way to go, one becomes more relaxed and comfortable and is often able to finish work quicker. But, that might not be the case for everyone, unfortunately. Another pro to having online school is being able to work at your own pace. Of course, assignments are done at certain times, but the students are given more time to complete them. When asked if there were any positive aspects to online schooling many students responded with not having to wake up early and getting to spend the day in bed. As someone who used to wake up at 4:45 AM to get to school, sleeping in is definitely a positive to this whole online schooling situation. One could think of a billion pros about online schooling: getting to stay in the comfort of your room, not having to worry about lunch detentions, being able to do school work in whatever state you woke up in (modest of course). But because we are human, we are hardly ever satisfied, so with pros always come cons.

While the student body admired the teachers’ efforts in switching to online schooling so fast, there are expected major hiccups that have yet to be fixed. One of the downfalls of online schooling is that it no longer feels as if you are being taught, but are only assigned busy work for a ‘cheesy’ homework/classwork grade. A pro for most was being able to work from home at their own pace, but with that comes the lack of motivation to push through and get work done. Procrastination becomes every student’s biggest enemy now that you have the freedom to move and work at your own pace. Another con is the lack of communication that is unavailable. In a classroom setting, you were able to raise your hand and ask any questions you would like on any assignment. Obviously, one can not do that anymore which makes doing some of the homework a little harder to do especially in subjects like math and other sciences because those are really hands-on subjects that require a lot of direction.

As a whole, online schooling could be a lot worse. CHS is blessed to have an administration and staff that care so much and are willing to go above and beyond for us students to provide the best education possible during these circumstances. Despite the cons, and even the pros of this situation, one thing is certain, and that is that God is in the center of this mess, and he knows the outcome. We as Christians are called to trust him in the midst of our storms. God will always and forever be the positive light to any and every situation that life throws at us.