Junior/Senior & New additions! 

Fiona Ostermann

Staff Writer

As we resume our school year, juniors and seniors must be looking forward to their banquet! We have the honor to announce some details before our asb even gets to know. So here’s your first inside scoop! 

In addition to food and candles, there’s news that we will have a dance floor… at bowling. How fun! Enjoy pizza, soda, and games-CHS’s treat to students on a budget. Forget the dresses and corsages-get ready for glow in the dark madness! Tickets with the same as Sadie’s prices, but more adventure. Woot woot! So gentlemen (or ladies) get your proposals ready for a night to remember, CHS’s very first Cosmic Prom! Kings, queens, and everything in betweens will be voted by teachers so be on their good side leading up to a night under neon lights.