New Mascot Reveals New School Direction

By Amy Turner

Staff Writer

“Pat,” the Patriot, has been Christian High’s mascot since the late ‘60’s, but administration has decided it’s time for a change. With much careful thought and contemplation over what the new mascot should be, it was decided that an anthropomorphic saxophone would best represent the new direction of CHS. With consultation with constituents from

Art III students were assigned to create a new logo for CHS to capture the new mascot for the 2020-2021 school year

across the spectrum, the faculty has decided to shift the school’s focus on activities that are geared towards fundamental development, rather than simply sports. This is due to new research that the arts breeds more school pride than sporting events. 

           The final design has yet to be established, but there is a basic drawing of what the admin hopes the logo will look like. Admin has all agreed that they believe “…a saxophone dwells deep within all of us, and there’s no escaping the inevitable destiny of making it our pride and joy as a community. This is one step closer to succumbing to the will of the saxophone in order to create the glorious future created by its desires.”

            The change has been decided to take place over this summer, and the school will have fully transitioned the campus and attire to represent the new mascot by the start of next year. Administration is confident that students will be excited about the change, and will be proud to be called The Saxophones.