Sounds Like Treble; Football Cut!

By Isabella Valdez and Lydia Wolfe

Staff Writers

Football has always been one of the great traditions at CHS, but Covid-19 has changed everything! After much consideration, the booster club of the football program has decided to channel all support to the arts department.

Along with the school change in direction to the arts. Sleepers will be permitted outerwear at CHS to promote the drama dept.

Art, Band, Choir, and Drama have done incredibly well in recent years and have gone on many trips to compete at other schools and competitions. Starting this fall, there will be no football season; instead, the support and fans will go to concerts that anyone can participate in with permission from the art department. Cheer will still get the opportunity to perform, but will be required to cheer during any and every choir or band performance. Other sports programs will continue as usual, however, with the experiment of the new fall “program,” other sports may succumb to the same fate.

Along with the elimination of football, the school’s mascot will change as well. The mascot has always been the classic Patriot Snapper but is rumored to soon be changed to something that pertains more to the art. Ideas have included a microphone, a saxophone and a music note (sounds like treble!)