TikTok Annihilation on CHS Campus

By Amy Turner

Staff Writer

TikTok, the popular video-sharing social network service, has become very widespread within the past year on Christian High’s campus. Due to this alarming epidemic, Christian High administration is now enforcing the restriction of the application due to the distraction it causes and the unnatural obsession the students seem to have over it. Students have been known to be using the app during class, and administration has begun to notice and has decided to take action. 

TikTok will be banned at CHS because students spent too much time in the restroom creating videos instead of being educated in the classroom

For the safety of the common people, the administration is treating the use of the app similar to the treatment of an extremely contagious viral infection and will begin to quarantine students who are found with the app downloaded on their devices. Details concerning the punishment are currently unknown, but under discovery of the TikTok existing on a student’s device will result in immediate confinement in the catacombs underneath the administration building. Living conditions of confinement are also unknown, but students will be restricted from any light from the natural world and will be immersed into the surrounding darkness in order to cleanse their eyes from the searing light their cellular devices produce as they watched the endless cycle of repetitive videos. In severe cases, medication may also be required in order to reset the brain after having the incorrect mindset that having TikTok downloaded on your phone is actually okay. 

In order to ensure the prevention of TikTok to its fullest extent, students will be required to deliver their phones to the office before school starts. They must allow the administration full access to their devices and freedom to search for the presence of TikTok. Administration asks for the full cooperation of the students in order to create the healthiest and safest environment for the school. After the difficult TikTok withdrawal, students will hopefully be able to return to a normal school life without the highly addictive app on their phones and re-immerse themselves into normal society.