“Virtually” First Cap and Gown Graduating Class

By Summer Fischlowitz

Staff Writer


It is official, with the heartbreak of social distancing abounding, one social aspect CHS seniors will gain is the traditional cap and gown for this year’s graduation. It is in times like these that the senior class of 2020 is excited that they would become the first class at Christian High to graduate with the classic graduation attire of a cap and gown.

hsm cap and gown
CHS seniors finally get to replicate a memorable moment from the beloved High School Musical in the 2020 graduation ceremony


One senior stated, “I have spent twelve years of my life to get an education, only to find out that your graduation attire is anything but a cap and gown, but now, I am elated to hear of the news!” Another excited senior stated, “I have watched the graduation scene from High School Musical and thought, ‘Dang, those caps and gowns sure look cool (and appropriate for graduation day),’ and now I will be able to graduate in one!”

Christian High School has made this choice to go the traditional route because it was understood that students have to pay for their graduation clothing choices themselves. Administration stated, “Even since the gowns could be reused for future classes, we didn’t want to insist that seniors pay hundreds of dollars on dresses that they’ll never wear again.” Now year after year, each graduating class has the opportunity to fulfill their hope of graduating in the proper attire. Administration went on to state, “Since middle schoolers are able to have the cap and gown, high schoolers graduating from twelve years of education should be able to as well.”  That was a key statement made when discussing this big move with constituents at CHS.

Administration also shared how the cap and gown made sense since the coronavirus has wrecked most social aspects of life for students. “There was a possibility that seniors might not even have a graduation and that senior trip was also in jeopardy due to the viral pandemic.” But with this new tradition, who knows, maybe graduation will be held over a Skype meeting and the only way to get your diploma is pushing an arrow key on your laptop to move yourself closer and closer to it. Even though this is not ideal, we should still celebrate that a graduating class from Christian High will have the pleasure and opportunity to graduate in a cap and gown.