Coronavirus Encouragement

By: Summer Fischlowitz 

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, every news channel and radio station is broadcasting around the world the drastic effects coronavirus has taken upon our society. Every day seems to be worse than the previous one. However, God remains in control and continues to have a plan for us all. Whether good or bad, no situation lasts forever, and neither will this pandemic. There will be a vaccine for coronavirus, people will go back to work, and seniors will graduate. 

On a more positive spectrum, this time allows us to become more grateful for the many things we have taken for granted over the years. For instance, a couple of weeks ago, the shelves that once held water, toilet paper, and many other essential goods found in grocery stores are bare. Also, due to a decrease in travel, many rivers, oceans, and rainforests have become less polluted and are beginning to clear up. The environment is finally being restored to a fresh, renewed version and more and more animals are thriving. 

Many people are also taking this time to tackle projects they have pushed off, until now. People are also eating healthier and working out more, causing an impact on their health and inspiring others to do the same. 

Another great outcome of the coronavirus is how people find a way to better their situation. Nobody fully loses hope in this pandemic and technology continues to connect families and friends. Humans are social beings and even though we may not be able to have physical connections with friends and distant family members, technology is key during these times. 

Even in the hardest of times, people continue to find a way to push through to the positive. The media is known to create a negative impact on society and this continues to hinder people from seeing the truth that this all will end and things will somehow return to normal. 

Furthermore, many are taking their free time to dedicate their lives to Christ, which I believe to be the most impacting benefit to society. This break allows everybody to refocus their eyes on God and rededicate their lives to Him. Yes, this pandemic changed our perspective on the year 2020, however, in this time let us all come together and unite in Christ, for a relationship with Him is the sole priority and greatest achievement in our fallen world.