Covid Can’t Keep Athletes Down

By: Fiona Osterman


Due to the pandemic, we have not only experienced social limitations but unfortunate endings of sports seasons. Though this may be the end of 2020 spring sports, our coaches are looking forward to kicking off next year with big hopes for athletes. Questions from how to stay in shape all the way to making varsity, coaches have shared with us their aspirations and insights as well as tearful farewells to this season. 

When quarantined, adapting can be difficult. Not being in a desired physical state is often disheartening, though Coach Vickie Carrington has created a self care plan including: “more time to delve more into depth of personal devotions, time to journal, more quiet time to pray” and spending great quality time with herself.  Physically staying active, Coach Carrington, Coach Beezer, and Mr. Kirwan have all continued to be motivated for what is to come. With bright hopes for the future, Coach Beezer has “been in communication with the San Diego City Conference and CIF concerning COVID-19 and working together with them to keep our student-athletes safe and planning the return for our athletes at the appropriate time.” Though competing might be over, athletes continue to work hard too! Track runners are lacing up shoes while many of us are just waking up. Intense workouts continue online for these young athletes.. And you thought 8 Bell three days a week was hard!

Though teams are pushing through, staying positive is a challenge of its own. Vickie Carrington says, “this is the time that kids work on their games “championships are built during the offseason!” This time can cause mental stress for the athletes, as many were looking towards this time to prepare for travel ball and college viewing sessions. With the uncertainties, kids are panicking and worrying.  But they shouldn’t. It’s going to work out, there are hundreds of thousands of athletes in the same position, which makes self-care, fitness, and nutrition very vital. Not to mention taking care of their grades to be more competitive in scholarship packages!!” Though life is on pause, being patient all in His timing is key in moving forward with any situation. Coaches all share the same setbacks not being able to see their athletes face to face and missing out on the competition and rewarding records. Keeping their heads up, staying busy and taking pride in the small accomplishments during weeks of constant “Groundhog days” (as Coach Kirwan describes). 

Coming back, making up for lost time, is our future teammates. With many seniors leaving, this opens more room for those who desire to make the varsity cuts. To achieve the status means to stay in shape and work hard with an all-in attitude. Self-evaluate and build off your potential and there’s high chances in scoring one for the team! Vickie Carrington tells her athletes, “I don’t care if you are or if you’re NOT the best player on the team, we know how to develop players, and we know how to get you ready for the next level, but the key to succeeding in my program is that you must have HEART, you have to be willing to grind without complaining and making excuses, you must be coachable and be a great teammate (putting your team before self), and you have to be about it in the classroom! You do that, you’ll thrive on my teams”. A “great recipe” for success as she calls it!

Goals moving forward vary from increasing the enthusiasm of our campus to staying fit spiritually, mentally, and physically. Coaches hope to be more intentional on the field, playing for an audience of One. With much confidence in the CHS community returning, coaches look forward to, “an exciting year next year as we weep this virus behind us, learn from it how to be there for each other, and move forward with a new appreciation for freedom and interacting with each other daily” (specifically said by Coach Kirwan!). May seem like we’re chasing dreams, but achievement awaits on the other side of quarantine!