School Year Update

By Amy Turner

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, school life has been altered drastically, and many are questioning what the rest of the year will be like. There have been plans made that will follow through the rest of the year concerning online school. There will be no finals this semester, as Mrs. Lanz said, “…[she] felt it was important to take some pressure off [us] and [our] families right now. [she} knows the last thing [we] need is unnecessary stress, and [she] is very proud of [our] efforts to get online so quickly and make these huge changes to [our] daily lives with great attitudes.” The percentage assigned to finals will be removed from your grade. 

Teachers have been putting an effort into adjusting to online school the best they can and altering school work to accommodate being at home. Workloads have been lessened and focused on more important concepts.


Hopefully, seniors will be able to have a live graduation, and as soon as restrictions are lifted, a date will be chosen and students will be notified. They will be able to keep their cap and gown for photos. Summer school may also be held in classrooms, as the state has allowed schools and daycares of 12 or less people to repopulate. Yearbooks will be mailed out in June because the printer shut down, but is fortunately now reopening. AP testing will also be quite different as well this year. The tests usually take 4 hours, but this year they will be done from home on your own device and will include 30 minutes of setup and 50 minutes of testing. 

AP Tests Dates are: 

Monday, May 11th, 1 pm, US Government and Politics

Tuesday, May 12th, 11 am, Calculus AB

Wednesday, May 13th, 11 am, English Literature and Composition

Thursday, May 14th, 1 pm, Physics 1

Friday, May 15th, 11 am, US History

Monday, May 18th, 11 am, Biology

Thursday, May 21st, 11 am, World History

May 26th is the deadline for AP CSP and Art

Fortunately, next year will resume with everything back on campus. State and local guidelines will have to be followed, but according to Mrs. Lanz: “…you can count on the fact that no matter what those guidelines are, we will work within them and make the very best of it here at Christian.”