Senior Sendoff

By: Lydia Wolfe

As yet another school year comes to close, we must depart with yet another senior class. While faculty and students alike send them off with celebrations and love, all of CHS struggles to really say goodbye to the very special class of 2020. 

What makes these young adults so cherished? For one thing they have extended their friendship to all of their peers. The bonds and memories they have made in their clubs, teams and classes will be carried on long past their departure. Additionally, this group has displayed diligence and success in all they do, bringing pride to the hearts of the Christian High student body. The awards and accolades received by them are only testament to a small amount of the hard work that each senior has put into their academics and extracurriculars. 

But above all, it is the seniors’ spirit and love for Christ and the school that makes it the hardest to say goodbye. From football games, pep rallies, Chapel, and even to spirit week, this class has displayed how to live through Jesus’s example, and have lit up this campus for the past four years. 

And while we will undoubtedly miss their laughter and joy in all the little things, we know that as soon they take on the real world, they are bound to make the world a much better place. So we at CHS say thank you to our senior class of 2020, for all you have done to make our school the place that it is, and we send you off proud of you for all that you have and will accomplish.