Summer Not So 20/20 

Amy Turner

Due to COVID-19, many are uncertain as to what the summer of 2020 will be like. The summer is predicted to be much warmer than usual, especially in southern California. A recent study has shown that the Coronavirus may struggle under intense heat and ultraviolet radiation. The CDC says that it’s not yet known whether heat will really have an impact on the Coronavirus, but it is a possibility. At this point in time, many studies conflict with each other and there are no definite answers. This does bring the hope that the virus will perhaps calm down during the summer, but may return during the colder seasons. 

Society is gradually beginning to open up, but currently there is no definite time that quarantine will end. Currently, stay-at-home orders are up to the governors of each state. There will most likely be regulations that will have to be followed throughout the summer, but hopefully everyone will be able to return to a somewhat normal lifestyle soon.