Take It From a Senior: 20/20 Advice

By: Summer Fischlowitz 

When I first got into high school, I thought I would have a similar experience to those cast in High School Musical. Nope, I was very, very wrong. 

During my freshman year, I went to a small charter school in Lakeside that only went two days a week. Wanting a little more social environment, I transferred my sophomore year to Christian. Since I went to Christian in elementary school, I knew many people coming in. 

Cheerleaders prepare for the Winter Pep Rally in the Gym

One thing I learned throughout high school was that getting involved with school activities is very valuable. Since we don’t have dances, Lip Sync is a huge aspect of high school and is super fun. Joining cheer my junior and senior years made me really step out of my comfort zone, yet I really enjoyed it. I also believe that social connections play a huge role in tackling high school, and cheer was a really great way to connect with my team and my friends. 

Friendship wise, there are some friendships and changes I would definitely make, mostly my freshman year; so I advise that you are careful who you surround yourself with. 

Also on the terms of friend groups, even though it sounds really cliche, be yourself. It is more beneficial to be surrounded by people who like you for who you are, rather than to be surrounded by people who take you for the way you present yourself. In the long run, it’s best to just stay out of it. Even though high school can be filled with many ups and downs, the best thing to do is to make the most of it because high school is over in the blink of an eye. 

Although my high school experience was not perfect, and nobody’s really is, I really enjoyed making friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. On the other hand, seniors, we will get through this chaos from Miss ‘Rona and we will graduate, eventually. 


By: Trevor Dixon

I didn’t have a very exciting and “involved” high school experience, but I really don’t regret it. So, personally, I learned that it’s okay to not be hedonistic and/or force yourself to “have fun” (because you might not have fun if you do!)–rather, I learned that it is much more meaningful to search for truth and try to be dedicated to reality. Part of that is identifying your flaws and asking questions, and consequently developing. Also, here is a (very) random compilation of unconventional, short-term and long-term life advice that is universally actionable and has helped me as a person. 


  • Drink sufficient water daily. Get a liter-sized bottle and wrap four rubber bands around it. Each time you drink all of the water, refill it, then take off the rubber band. If, by the end of the day, you took all rubber bands off, you have drank one gallon of water.
  • Start stretching daily. At least once a day. Our bodies are truly designed incredibly to adapt and move. 


  • We are bombarded by so much garbage on social media. Please, for your own sake, be wise in who or what you “follow” and try to delete as much social media as possible (if you don’t have any, good for you! Try to keep it that way or minimize it. It’s possible to live without it!). Remember: social media is a good place for people to show what they want to be, what they wish their life looked like; it is near impossible to be genuine through social media. 
  • Learn calming breathing techniques such as Box Breathing and breathing with your stomach.
  • Sign up for Newspaper! 🙂


  • Take Mrs. Breeden’s AP Literature class if you have the opportunity; it will be challenging, but so worth it! Also, I think for that class, what you learn is more important than your grade and the AP exam, so for that class, prioritize learning, and in the future you’ll be glad you did. 
  • Actively develop disciplinary habits. Start to pay attention to your phone usage. As a generation, we really are addicted to those things. I can’t believe we take them into the bathroom with us. When you think about it, it’s actually disgusting…So, begin in setting literal, mental boundaries for yourself around the house for where you can and cannot use your phone. For example, if you have homework, discipline yourself by throwing your phone in a random closet/drawer so you can forget about it, work on your homework for 30 minutes, and then take a 5-10 minute break (and repeat). You can get back to your friends after that. They should understand. 
  • Don’t always follow the crowd. Obviously, it is easier said than done; it takes mental toughness and determination, but it is worth it. 


By: McKenzie Davis

High school is one of those times in your life where you either love it or hate it. I hated it so writing advice is actually harder than I thought, but I’m going to try my best. The one thing I wish I knew going in is that you don’t need to have a big group of friends to have a great time. 

In the beginning, I was always wanting to fit into a big crowd of people and it never worked out. So as long as you have a few friends who want to see you grow and support you through your high school trials it will make the four years a little more bearable. 

The second thing I wish I knew is that romantic relationships are overrated, it’s not just the boys that can sometimes be immature but also the girls. While some may disagree I’ve watched many of my friends waste so much time on a guy or girl who they thought was their everything to only find out that they’re human and immature just like everyone else in high school. 

I also learned throughout these tough four years that in order to grow into the person that God has designed me to be everyone cannot come along for the ride. There are people I talked to and got really close with at the beginning of freshman year, that now I no longer talk to. It doesn’t mean you hate them or despise them, it just means that God has something better for you. 

Senior year while it definitely sucked was ironically one of my better years. I challenged myself to be more involved in school activities and it really made a positive impact on my senior year experience. I wish I could tell you that everything gets better and the rest of high school will be a breeze, but the truth is I can’t because that’s not the reality. You’re going to have great days and extremely crappy days, but if I learned ANYTHING it’s that you have to find the will and strength to get up the next morning and do it all over again. Why might you ask? Because behind that pain and struggle God has a beautiful plan for you and you’re only going to see it if you keep going and keep pushing through. And one day you’ll be walking up to be handed your diploma and it’s all because despite your struggle, nevertheless, you persisted. 


By: Isabella Valdez

One thing I would like to say to any underclassmen is to try something out of your comfort zone. I am usually a pretty introverted person (unless you personally know me lol) and looking back, I really wish that I went out for a sport or did lipsync all 4 years. If you are ever scared of looking like a fool, remember, there are going to be other people on stage with you doing the same, but it is something you will always remember. 

I may sound biased, but if you have a passion for writing, join Newspaper. I have gotten to express creativity and spread news with an extraordinary group of people that I will dearly miss. 

Homeworkwise, I strongly suggest listening to some kind of instrumental music. As someone who constantly works with earbuds in, music with lyrics is awesome but gets me really distracted, so instrumental music is amazing for this and helps me calm down. 

In senior english, do NOT work on an essay the night before, give yourself at least 3 days to work on it. This helps reduce stress and gives time to add deeper analysis, also, Mrs Breeden can tell y’all. 

No matter what anyone tells you, stay true to who you are, do not change who you are in order to come across as popular and cool. You don’t need a large group of friends to have fun in high school. Going in, I had a small group of friends and was going though a really difficult period in my life. The amazing people have helped me through it and have helped me be myself. They are my “ride or dies,” and people I call family. 

I seriously encourage underclassmen to truly pursue a relationship with God because high school has a lot of ups and downs. I started getting closer to Him in junior year and He was my comfort when I was stressed and has helped all of us grow into a beautiful child of Him. Christian High, thank you for the amazing years you have given me. Seniors, we will get through this, we will all graduate and will hopefully have our High School Musical moment. Stay strong Class of 2020 🙂