The Show Must Go On

by Lydia Wolfe

The coronavirus is affecting everyone nationwide, as it has taken away jobs, opportunities, and even lives. One group largely affected by this sudden shift in life is those pursuing performing arts. Students and professionals alike have been required to cancel tours and performances.

For instance, New York, once home to all Broadway shows, is now one of the cities hit hardest by the virus, with confirmed cases almost reaching 200,000. This has resulted in the closing of all plays and musicals, landing many talented thespians out of a job. 

Likewise, Christian High’s art department has also suffered. The production of Beauty and the Beast has been postponed, and the cast and crew have both struggled to navigate through these times and are still putting on the show. Additionally, the spring showcase was canceled, preventing the Band, Choir, and Patriot Praise from exhibiting their talents and hard work.

Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, FL

In times like these, it seems all too easy to get lost in these major let-downs, however, there are still ways to encourage performers nationwide. When it comes to professional performers, many popular music artists provide online “concerts” via live streaming, some even for free. If you’re missing broadway, certain shows have posted their plays/musicals on Youtube for free (for the time being). Additionally, has posted several musical events on their own platforms featuring famous Broadway actors performing. While you may be unable to see your CHS performers put on their shows or showcases, sending them a kind text encouraging them not to be discouraged in these times.

With the dates for shows and such to continue on seeming uncertain, we as a community are learning to appreciate those who entertain us and cannot wait to see them all come back stronger than ever.