Timeline and Trends of The 2019-2020 School Year

Trevor Dixon 



Christian High School 2019-2020 Timeline

School is Back in Session!

August 20

Starting with the annual CHS Patriot Games!


Students “dance” during lunchtime to the beat ASB puts out


October 18

Christian Salacup and Maddy Worley are crowned as Homecoming King and Queen!


The Varsity Patriots narrowly lose to Morse, 22-58

Lip Sync: Bedtime Stories

October 18

The Seniors win class Lip Syncs,


Senior Boys take 1st place overall!

Jake Ifrid and Elijah Ratermanis mc for the Winter Banquet in December

Winter Banquet

December 7

“A December to Remember” at La Jolla’s Cuvier Club

Rapper Memorial

December 16

Don’t do drugs, kids! 

At least we made it onto meme pages.

Freshmen boys pose for a photo at the annual dodgeball tournament

Annual Dodgeball Tournament

January 25

“Snoop Dodge” and the “Space Ballers” take the W’s and are etched into CHS Dodgeball history.

Children of the Nations
As part of Spiritual Emphasis Two Day, 100 students served by making packages for Children of the Nations

Spiritual Emphasis 2D

February 10-11

Brooks Gibbs: “Next Level” Chapels


Break-Out Sessions

Copy of Alumni Panel 3
Break Out Sessions were a big hit at this years Spiritual Emphasis 2 Day

School Moves to Google Classroom

March 18

Thank you, teachers and admin, for working hard in this transition!

Sadie Hawkins

March 27 – Cancelled

Sadies: Rented-out, Blackout at SkyZone

Jr/Sr. Banquet

April – Cancelled


May 22 – Postponed until further notice

Can’t wait for our PDF Diplomas! 

CHS 2019-2020 Trends: 

1. TikTok makes a comeback 

2. Kendamas and Rubik’s Cubes!?

3. CHS “Quaranteen” Spirit

4. Mic Muted, Camera Off, We Love Online School!